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His research experience and interest include:

*Electromagnetic Field Theory
Theoretical modeling and numerical simulation for wave propagation, radiation, and scattering; metamaterials and metasurfaces

*RF Engineering & Wireless Microsensors
Innovative wireless solutions and microsensors in RFID, internet-of-things (IOTs), and wireless health systems; RF antennas and circuits; smart antennas and beamforming techniques;  2-D materials and their applications from RF to infrared

*Nanoelectromagnetism & Nanophotonics
Light-matter interactions in plasmonic nanostructures and optical nanoantennas; optical sensors, Sub-bandgap photodetection and photovoltaics based on multiphoton-assisted tunneling or hot-electron emission

*Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory
The UIC Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory specializes in applied research in the fields of electromagnetism, wireless propagation, and antenna design.